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What is Pappers ?


The members will- the union tasks


Union education


Unemployment welfare


Benefits for members


How big is the fee



The Swedish Paper workers industrial union is our official name, but since it is so long and difficult to say, we use the shorter Pappers(Papers). The union was founded in 1920 by the workers in the Swedish paper and pulp industry. We are today about 30 000 paperworkers in the union. That is more than 99 % of all those working in the industry. The members are organized in 74 locals from Nymölla in the south to Kalix in the north.

Within the union we have many different occupations, such as; carpenters, electricians, shop workers, process operators and cleaners. Common for all the different occupation groups is that they all are employees in the paper industry. It depends on that we in Sweden have an industrial union principal that means that all the workers at the same workplace should belong to the same union. It means for instance that it will be easier when we make new agreements as we can make them for all the workers at the same time. The white collars and the foremen have their own unions which we cooperate with.


The working life´s development


The society and the working life changes in a quick way. This means that also we in the union must change our way of working. It is important that we not only adapt to changes that happens in working life and society. We also must take part when the agenda is made up for future changes so our members interest also can be fulfilled.

The intensive changes in working life that have been going on during the first part of the 1990ies has led to that the union can look into the future with good faith. We have together made a foundation for the future through modernizing our organization and signing new agreements in every area. But it must be pointed out that the building is not ready, it must continuously have maintenance, renovation and be rebuilt.




Our strength as a trade union is that there always are appointed representatives in the daily work. There should be a representative to ask when you have a problem at your work.

Therefore we have a system with union representatives that work together as a member in the team. These representatives that have the daily contact with the members are the most important factor, as the members always have contact with the union. These representatives at work are elected as safety controller and/or contact person.

All questions can not be solved directly at the workplace. These questions will be handled by the local board. The board is elected on an annual meeting that takes place in the spring. The candidates are suggested at the meeting before the annual meeting. The union also have a couple of other meetings over the year. These meetings are the highest deciding organ of the local and of course all members can take part in these meetings.





The convention is the highest organ of the union and have meetings every 4th year. Every local elects at least one representative to the convention. The convention consists of 200 representatives so the bigger locals elect more than one representative.


Union meeting


The union meeting is the highest organ between the conventions and is holding a meeting at the minimum of twice a year. To the meetings every local elects one representative.


The union board


The daily work at the headquarters in Stockholm is led by the directors of the board of the union. The board is elected at the convention and consists of 9 members. Three of the members are elected to a full time and fully paid duty at the union. These 3 members are the president(Sune Ekbåge), the treasurer(Mats Svensson) and the secretary(Claes Hellgren). These three together form the presidium that leads the work at the office between the board meetings. Six of the members of the board are elected from the six districts(regions). All the 9 members are elected for a period of 4 years.

At the headquarters there are also shopstewards(ombudsman) employed and other personnel. Together they are about 25 people. The task of the personnel is to give service to the locals.


The districts(regions)


The union is divided into 6 districts that cover different geographical parts of Sweden. The district has as a task to support cooperation between the locals in the district. They also prepare and make some elections. They also work with regional education. 





The wages


The membership of a union comes out of the employee´s wish to have security in employment and in society. The size of the wage is of natural reasons one of the most important questions for the individual. But it is not only the size of the wages that is decisive, not less important are the other terms of employment. Development in work is something that both may have importance for the size of wages and the well-being at work. At the convention in 1995, there was a report on wage politics. The report deals with how to look at the whole spectrum of the wages for the future, with wage development, competence development and changes in organization at work as instruments for future setting of wages.

During the years 1994-95 there was a total reformation of all running agreements. We now have an agreement on terms of employment that is valid for all employees in the paper and pulp industry, regardless of which union they belong to.





With environment we mean more than working environment or outside environment. In this conception we also include co-determination, working organization, competence development, equality and technical changes. Since 1994 we have a cooperation agreement which covers all these areas and is valid for all employees in the paper and pulp industry. The new agreement is replacing three older agreements.

At each working place we have an organization for working environment that is designed to develop the working environment and create stimulating and developing tasks in a safe and secure working environment. All employees have an obligation to create together a good working environment. In addition to that we have elected safety controllers that have to watch over the environment as their special union duty. It is always the employer that has the ultimate responsibility for the safety and environment work at the mill.

Outdoor environment questions have during a long period of time been an important working area for Pappers. There are three important reasons: 1) Although our industry to the main parts is circulation adjusted it is important to minimize damaging emissions. 2) In the long run the access of forest raw material is depending on a good and healthy environment. 3) It is the environment close to the employees that is affected by emissions that may occur.



The work


The unemployment is the biggest problem in our country and our goal to cut the figures to half is an ambitious goal. The central task to create more working possibilities is to be effected by increasing the economic growth. In the long run it is necessary to increase the education level in the society so that the producti- vity will increase and everybody becomes more capable to do their jobs. More people in education and current competence development are important parts of such a politic. The politicians must not do things that makes Sweden seem to be a bad country for investments, as for instance to shut down the nuclear power prematurely.

In our union area around 20 % of the jobs have disappeared since 1990. The struggle to secure the jobs and create new ones is therefore a central question for the Pappers. Within the Pappers there is a company and branch committee that has as its task to follow branch political and business political questions in order to influence politicians and companies.

To secure the jobs within our branch, and at the best create new jobs, we try to affect factors that have meaning for the competitive force and investments in the branch. If the companies are to invest in Sweden the terms must not be worse here than in other countries. In some ways they must be better, to compensate for the long distance to the market.

Sweden must have an energy politic that secure the need of energy to low prices. Environmental taxes and energy taxes have to be seen from a global perspective with increased use of material that can be used again and again and secure a long term asset of forestry raw material to competitive prices. There must be a developed infrastructure net that will make it easier to make quick transports to the customers of the companies. In all these areas we in the Pappers try to make opinion.



Union education


The strength of the union depends on members that are conscious of the union. Therefore we are concentrating offensively to increase and make the union education better.

It is most important to have skillful representatives in the union that live up to the demands of today. The union puts a big amount of money on education for representatives. Pappers has developed an education system which means that the education should be so close as possible to the representative´s home and therefore most of the education takes place in the regions or the locals.

The head point in the education is development of the union organization and our union way of working. The representatives must be able to handle laws and agreements that run the working life, and also be able to make organization work. The main thought in the union education system is that the education always should correspond to the needs in our organization, but also have a strategically future direction and give knowledge to make improvements in working life and society.




Unemployment fund


Pappers have their own unemployment fund(A-kassan) which is administrated from the federation head office in Stockholm with  help from the local accounters. Our A-kassa/ The Paperindustryworkers unemployment fund/was founded in 1954 after several years of discussion and doubt. Today it is a natural part of our operation.
The task of the unemployment fund is to check the right to compensation and make payments to the members when they are unemployed. The unemployment fund is ruled by the law of unemployment insurance. It means that it is the parliament that decides the compensation levels and rules. AMS/Labour Market Board/ is the state controller and choose a representative to the board of Pappers unemployment fund.
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Insurance by agreement


Through collective contracts all workers in Sweden have five different insurance contracts. They are as follows: Life insurance. Additional sickness benefit. Additional pension. Insurance for accidents at work and Additional unemployment compensation when factories close down.

Insurance by membership


The members of Pappers have the opinion that the welfare system that has been created through laws and agreements is not enough. The members have therefore decided to let the membership comprise further benefits. As a result of that  the membership also include the benefits below.

Conflict payment in the event of strikes and lockouts. Lawyer help if a member is harassed, laid off or in other ways comes in conflict with the employer. Home insurance included in the membership fee. Insurance for spare time accidents. Life insurance for the members children, which gives money for funeral help.

In many of the locals  of  Pappers there are more benefits for  the local member. For instance life insurance in addition to the one mentioned above. Some locals even have compensation for dental care. Every local has insurance advisers. As a member you can also phone Union insurance phone adviser, 020/460 460.

How big is the fee?

The member´s fee consist of two parts, the union fee and the local fee. The union meeting(at central level) decides about the size of the union fee and the local meeting decides about the size of the local fee.

Members that work pay 1,2 % of their wages before taxes to the central level of the union. In addition to that sum is the local fee. The employer collects the money to the union. Some members work outside the paper and pulp industry. The reason for that is very often that they have for some reason lost their job and therefore have to work somewhere else a shorter time, but they are still members of the union. These members must count out the fee themselves and pay it to the union.

Members that are unemployed pay 0,8 % of their unemployment benefit before taxes. In addition to that there is also a local fee that each local decides. The remaining members pay whole or half ground fee. Whole ground fee is 1997 the sum of 110 crowns(SEK) per month, and the half is 54 crowns per month. Also in this case the locals decide an extra amount to pay. Whole ground fee is for the members which have contributions or other compensations over 10 100 crowns per month, the others pay half fee.

Members that are doing their military service do not have to pay a fee, also members that are studying and have no income or contribution are free from the fee. These members have on the other hand an obligation to report at their locals, every other month, that they are studying or in military service.



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