Pappers Avdelning 51

Pappers 51
Fiskeby Board AB

Box 1,Fiskeby 601 02 Norrköping


011 - 15 58 46   Fax 011 - 15 59 49     

Monday 13 August 2012  

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RullarYou have come to the local 51, Fiskeby, of the Swedish paper workers union, so called "Pappers".
The trade union's headoffice is located in Stockholm.  All over country there is about 75 locals with about 30.000 members.
"Pappers" is a little different towards other trade unions in Sweden because the main principe is that it will be one local at every mill.  Other trade unions organize members after both occupation and area, so there will be members from different workplaces in the same locals.


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