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About Fiskeby


The Fiskeby paper mill was founded in 1637 at Fiskeby in Norrköping. It produced handmade paper until 1850. The modern mill started up in 1872. Examples of the products made at that time include roofingpaper, wallpaper(sheathingpaper), and newsprint. There were also pulp production, both mechanical pulp and sulfite.

In 1953 a new era began. The pulp production was shut down and a new board machine was built in a new factory. The raw material for that machine was partly wastepaper. The board machine has been rebuilt several times and nowadays the production is based on 100 % waste paper. Since 1969 there is also an extruder which can coat the board with plastic, or laminate board and paper with each other. The mill has high quality standards and a hygiene certification through ADAS, and other certificates, showing that the products are approved for direct contact with food.

There is also a quality assurance certificate, ISO 9001 and an evironmental certificate ISO 14001, and an environment policy. If you like to know more about the environmental policy,  The products from the mill are delivered in reels or sheets. There are about 330 employees. There are 3 trade unions. The biggest is Pappers 51. They organize the workers. Then comes SIF that organize the white collar workers. Finally Ledarna, organizing the foremen.

Fiskeby belongs to a group of companies named Riverwood International Corporation. Riverwood International makes machinery and board for multipackaging of beverages and soft drinks. They have 2 board mills in the USA and a number of converters worldwide, both on their own and in corporation with others.

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